AFFTA Letter to Retailers Concerning IFTD


Fellow Fly Fishing Retailers:

For the first time in history the American Fly Fishing Trade Association is in a position to promote and sustain the growth of fly fishing in a significant way with measurable impact to individual specialty retail stores. I am going to get right to the point of this email: we need your help and support to accomplish this goal… and we need it now.

As the Chairman of the Trade Development Committee for AFFTA which oversees your NEW International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (IFTD), I felt is was important to change the priorities that have influenced how the fly fishing industry trade show has been structured. For too long, the primary focus for the trade show has been just on manufacturers selling products.  Not enough focus was placed on helping retailers find ways to improve their business and increase their bottom line.

There are three top priorities in my business:

  • Increasing Sales
  • Reducing Costs
  • Attracting New Business

Come to IFTD and Increase your Sales for 2011

At this year’s IFTD show, we will be re-introducing the Passport Program, but within a buying-group framework. How do you become part of the IFTD buying group? Simply come to the show. We are working with participating manufacturers to offer early-bird programs, special “hot buys”, limited product introductions and other incentives that will only be available to retail participants at the IFTD show. Specialty Retailers then can use these items for promotional events, margin builders, and to promote their market uniqueness. This will grow your sales and profit for the coming year.

We have also reduced the overall cost of the industry show for all exhibitors and particularly those new small companies with the introduction of the Table Exhibit Space. For a small fee, these smaller companies will have a seat at the show to present to you products that have been hard to find in the past. Often these unique items help us as retailers distinguish our shop from the big box down the street.

Other programs are also being developed to drive sales and profitability directly to your store. As a committee our primary focus is you, the Specialty Retailer, and our goal is to bring incentives to help you grow your business.

Come to IFTD at a reduced Cost

I am happy to report that we have just signed a hotel room contract with the Hyatt Regency (across the street from the convention center) with a rate of $99/night! To make the deal even better, if you join AFFTA as a retailer at the second membership level or above ($100 or greater membership dues) before July 1st 2010, AFFTA will pay for your first night’s stay! You heard right, become a retail member of AFFTA, come to IFTD and receive one FREE night’s stay! This is a special offer and is limited to one free room per retail membership. See our website for details and membership application.

We are working on additional programs that will help reduce your cost of attending IFTD this September and will announce those opportunities over the next few months.

Come to IFTD and help AFFTA bring new customers to your front door

For the past couple of years many of you have heard me talk about a NEW Discover Fly Fishing Program that is designed to bring customers to your door. Plain and simple, this program has been held up because of a lack of funding.  Through the support of the AFFTA board, I am happy to announce that 50% of the net profit from IFTD will go directly towards launching the new Discover Fly Fishing Program starting in spring 2011. This will be the first “national” campaign to grow the sport of fly fishing. For the first time ever your investment in AFFTA will result in a program that drives business directly to your door.

Help us help you…….

As a committee we feel strongly that if we can increase your participation at IFTD, then manufacturers would be foolish not to participate in the largest International fly fishing event. The value of having contact with multiple dealers in one location is significant.

AFFTA is “All in” with the launch of the new IFTD show. We have listened to your ideas and suggestions. Over the past two months we have moved quickly to put into place the components necessary to bring the fly fishing industry together.  Now we need your support. The primary reason for manufacturers to commit to exhibiting at IFTD is YOU. If Specialty Retailers commit to investing in their business and the future of the fly fishing industry, then the manufacturers will do the same. You will profit from the opportunities at IFTD. We will work on reducing your cost to attend. AFFTA will invest in the growth of the fly fishing industry. We have listened to you and are changing the focus of the show.  We need each other to make this a successful show and more importantly a successful industry.

My store, like yours, will be busy this first weekend in September. It will require sacrifice and time to attend the show.  As a fellow retailer, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a successful industry trade show. I feel confident that your attendance will not only profit your company, but will help promote growth within the fly fishing industry.  In addition, it will also provide your trade association with the resources to introduce new anglers to fly fishing, protect our waters and put our voice into government.

It is time to stand up and be counted. Right now, take a few seconds to E-mail Randi Swisher at [email protected] and let him know you’re planning to come. With your support, we will develop a strong list of retailers that want to invest in the future. This list will show manufacturers that retailers are supporting the show and the fly fishing industry – and so should they.

David Leinweber
Angler’s Covey
AFFTA Board Member
Chairman, Trade Development Committee


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  1. I would like to make a presentation for the first time in history about the Natural Resources of The Bahamas..

    I’m also the owner of Stafford Creek Lodge in Andros which has the largest salt-water flats in the world for bonefish.
    I’m also President of The Bahamas Sportfishing & Conservation Association ( BSCA )
    If given an opportunity this presentation can go along way in helping to grow the industry and most of all lead to the protection of the world largest resource when it comes to salt water flats for bonefish.

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