Departure Publishing Collaboration: Pete McDonald & Tosh Brown


From Mr. Tosh Brown:

Back in October, Pete McDonald and I embarked on our first round of content gathering for our upcoming collaboration.

We saw the wind (and rain) blow from every point on the compass and by the end of the week I was really thankful for my last-minute decision to pack the underwater camera. From the Connecticut River, to Breezy Point, to Montauk: we caught fish, we interviewed guides, we visited greasy spoon cafes and fly shops, and we got off to a great start on a book that we’re getting seriously pumped about. Click here to see what we’ve cataloged, so far.

Between now and November our plan is to continue following the bass, bluefish, albies and other pelagics as they complete their migration between Maine and The Outer Banks. The end-product will be a stirring large-format collection of images and essays on fly-fishing the northeast coast.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be heading back up to ply the waters from Jersey to the Chesapeake. From there we’ll work our way north during the summer and hit the beaches and rips of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine. By late fall, we’ll be wrapping up the project in Virginia and The Carolinas.

Best guess for a release date is summer of 2011. Keep an eye on this newsletter, or join our mailing list for updates.


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