Outdoor Industry Leaders Call on Congress to Make Investing in Public Lands and Protecting Natural Resources a Priority in Climate Legislation


Seventy-five outdoor businesses, the Outdoor Industry Association, Outdoor Alliance and the National Parks Conservation Association have signed on to a letter calling on Congress to protect public lands from climate change impacts.

Healthy lands and waters help generate $730 billion in economic activity in the United States, which generates $88 billion in state and federal tax revenue.

Statement by: Amy Kleiner-Roberts, Vice-president of Governmental Affairs, Outdoor Industry Association:

“The active outdoor recreation industry is among the first to experience the impacts of climate change on our public lands. From declining snowpacks to droughts that cause forests to die, climate change can degrade and limit opportunities for outdoor recreation.
We are asking Congress to pass climate legislation that includes funding for the restoration and adaptation of public lands. We ask that they be protected for their own sake, and for the people who hope to continue to enjoy clean air, scenic landscapes and outdoor recreation.”

Statement by: Mark Wenzler, Director Clean Air and Climate Programs, National Parks Conservation Association:

“Restoration work on federal lands helps sustain local economies and American jobs, in addition to maintaining healthy ecosystems. Taking action now to invest in work that helps our lands and wildlife adapt to the earth’s changing climate will ensure that public lands, including our national parks, will continue to support 6.5 million jobs and preserve our country’s best scenery and wildlife for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.”

Bart Melton, National Parks Conservation Association, 202.494.7880
Amy Kleiner-Roberts, Outdoor Industry Association, 303.888.3827
Adam Cramer, Outdoor Alliance, 202.409.4155
or http://www.outdoorindustry.org/


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