Tenkara USA Adds New Rod to Lineup


The 13ft 6inches Amago 6:4 rod has been developed over the last several months with input from the growing number of tenkara anglers in the US and with a focus on what the ideal tenkara rod would feel like. It is the longest rod in our lineup, a request made by several anglers in the Western mountain states who tend to enjoy more open, and sometimes wider streams. Yet, it is only 20 inches long when collapsed, with all pieces and tip nesting protected inside the rod. The long rod also has significant advantages, particularly keeping the line off the water at longer distances, which translates into the best drag-free drifts possible. The rod also have matte black finish, helping eliminate any glare and reflections from the rod. The exquisite handle of the Amago was designed for additional comfort on a day of fly casting, and for better counter-balance to the long 13 ½ ft rod.

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