Gateway Hook Company Unveils New Product


The Gateway™ Hook incorporating the Gateway™ “eye” is the first true “easy on easy off”, system developed for the fishing industry. This patented “eye” and system is wonderfully simple and can be adapted to and used by all fishermen, pursuing any type of fish by way of a fish attractor, across the entire spectrum of experience and knowledge. For the recreational beginner, regardless of age or gender, there is only one knot to learn and no knots to retie in order to change attractors and for the advanced fisherman or professional the time savings and ease of use can add up to 10% to 20% more actual fishing time per day.

Additionally, for those fishermen whose sight and dexterity are not what they once were, or for those who are in any way sight or motor dexterity challenged the Gateway™ “eye” opens up years of continued fishing by eliminating the frustrating and sometimes dangerous or impossible act of threading the tippet or line through the eye of a fishing attractor while in less than ideal situations, light, weather or surroundings. For additional information please visit us at or email at [email protected].


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