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A trade organization comprised of manufacturers and retailers in a niche outdoors sport faced a tall challenge…

The group’s trade show had been organized for years by a third-party company that specialized in such events.

The trade group ended its affiliation with this trade show organizer, amid considerable concern and criticism.

Many manufacturers urged the group to integrate its trade show with a larger, well-established event.

Instead, the trade group coordinated its own expo in a city that was centrally located among a high concentration of manufacturers, retailers, and consumers in this sport.

As a result, the group doubled its trade show revenue, which it now uses to promote the sport as a whole.

Fly fishing? No… Archery.

But the Archery Trade Association took several bold steps to make that happen……specifically coordinating support among manufacturers, and creating solid financial incentives to attract retailers.

Angling Trade is on this story, and we’ll tell you how it happened. We will also continue to be the unfiltered source for reporting on the fly tackle industry as it wrestles with its own identity and plans for a trade event in 2010.
By announcing plans for the International Fly Tackle Dealer show, AFFTA has, in effect, gone “all in.” The next few months will see a mandate on the trade organization itself, and to a broader degree, a mandate on the relevance of the specialty fly retailer in the eyes of many manufacturers.

Now, more than ever, is the time to tune into these issues. Angling Trade is a great place to do just that. We’re gearing up for our most provocative issue yet–the March “Media” Issue will include editorial commentary and case histories from expert sources, not only on the topic of trade shows, but also on the evolving media paradigm. Please take a few minutes to consider supporting this forum, and contact us with your input.

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