Industry Rep Cracks Top 20 Via Apple App Store With New Fishing Application


Nervous Water Apps introduces the next generation of iPhone / iPod touch Fishing Applications titled “FishHead”

FishHead is the ultimate on the water and planning fishing application.

Track Weather, Stream Flows, Tides and Lunar tables all from the palm of your hand.  FishHead organizes the information by location so that you see all of the pertinent fishing data to make on the water decisions.   It’s also equally effective at your home or at work.  Track the flows of your favorite stream.  Plan your trip around the best tides and look at the latest weather forecasts.  This app is designed for both the fresh water and saltwater United States anglers in mind.

The App has an advanced search engine which allows you to track your current location with the GPS chip in the iPhone or iPod touch; it will tell you the closest streams or tide stations.  Once your tide or river station has been selected it will align that information with the nearest weather station.  In your favorites view you can now view weather, tide or river flows and the lunar table.  If a weather station is down or providing inaccurate data it will automatically find the nearest station that is providing accurate data.  You can also search by current location, station name, city or zip code.

The favorites view gives you a snap shot of all of the pertinent weather, tide/river and lunar information all displayed on one view.  Each of the different categories can be viewed in greater detail by clicking the detail view which will now give you tide and river graphs and forecasts for weather and future and past tides events.  Turn the phone for a horizontal view and the graph appears showing either the tide chart or river chart. You can hold up to 20 of your favorite tide stations and 20 of your favorite river locations.  Like many other iPhone Apps you can swipe from one favorite to the next.

While there are many other Apps that have weather, tides, and river flows.  There is nothing out there that compiles ALL of the relevant fishing information and organizes it for quick and easy detailed info.

Fish Head is now available on the iTunes Apps store at the introductory rate of $6.99.

You can learn more at

For more information you can contact:
John Sherman
Sales Director
Nervous Water Apps
2587 Cherry Hill Drive
Discovery Bay, CA 94505
Office: 925-513-3846
Cell: 530-412-2528
[email protected]


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