AFFTA Goes All-In


By announcing the launch of the International Fly Tackle Dealer show, the American Fly Fishing Trade Association did more than start a trade event.  In my opinion, it wagered, perhaps boldly, the future viability of the organization as a whole.

Does the fly fishing industry need a fly-specific trade show?  Or, are the interests of this industry best served by integrating a trade show presence with other established events, namely ICAST (the all-fishing trade show) or Outdoor Retailer?  Or… is the best answer “all of the above?”

I’m very interested in your opinions and comments in this regard.  In fact, I depend on what retailers and manufacturers have to say as Angling Trade sets out to cover this story in detail.

I will say that I believe any fly fishing trade show should be a means to an end, and not an end unto itself… and that end should be growing this sport.

So what will it take for manufacturers and retailers to realize value from any trade show?

I thank you for your comments, wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season, and assure you Angling Trade will offer more coverage and insights on this topic early in the New Year.

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Kirk Deeter
Editor, Angling Trade


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  1. i am happy to see the fly fishing industry stand alone in its own trade show. We are a little too quirky to join others, especially the OR show. However, we need some change and doing the same thing in Denver isn’t the option. It simply doesn’t draw in new attendees. The big guys will attend no matter where the show is. (my opinion and also voiced by at least one affta board member in the exact words to me) The little shops and small manufacturers around the country need the same advantage the local ones to Denver have-a local even. Denver is my home area, but for the good of the industry, nationally, we need a new location.

  2. David Leinweber on

    Polling of Retailers and Manufacturers over the past 10 years has always put Denver as the most preferred location. I am not opposed to other locations, and there is talk of future show being held in other locations, but maybe the venue is not the issue? Maybe it is the product. If Retailers and Guides found enough value in a show they will go even if it was in Detroit. The issue is more of delivering a show that a Retailer and Guide would find it hard to miss. So the question before the committee running the show is, What can we do or provide that would bring Retailers from around the world? Now is the time to throw out ideas of what would a fly fishing professional want at the fly fishing event of the year.

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