GoFISHn is live!


As of today GoFISHn is live on the Web and fully public. Anyone can join, and your profile and updates are now 100% public and free for anyone to see.

All the content you added to the site is there. And there are lots of new features:

Facebook: Connect GoFISHn to your Facebook account, and send all your GoFISHn updates to your Facebook feed. Facebook instructions.

Twitter: Connect your GoFISHn account to Twitter and send all your posts to your Twitter stream. Twitter instructions.

Invite Friends: The sooner we stock the pond with your buddies, the sooner GoFISHn will become a buzzing hub of fishing fun. Invite Friends instructions.

GoFISHn homepage: Watch every member update on the site flow by.

Updates Nearby: On your main profile page, you’ll see your updates, your friends updates, and “Updates Nearby,” which are photos and reports from anglers in your area.

Auto-linking: Takes important words and phrases around the site and links them to our Encyclopedia pages for folks who want to know more about muskies, lures, Lake Tahoe or flycasting tackle and thousands of other subjects and places. You might see a few odd results — let us know. Apologies in advance to those of you named “jack.”

Please help us fire up GoFISHn with more updates. Post away!

And please let us know if you encounter any issues. [email protected] is the best way to reach me.

Fan us on Facebook, where in a few days we’ll feature the best of GoFISHn daily — especially posts from our pros.

Back to you soon, and thanks. -Ned Desmond

Ned Desmond
[email protected]
(650) 395-7512


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