Schliske Bamboo Fly Rods rattle the retailer show


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FLY FISHING RETAILER SHOW, DENVER— Creativity, passion and talent are three essential ingredients to every Schliske Bamboo Fly Rod. Few makers are able to encapsulate everything fly-fishing stands for in a piece of gear. Matt Schliske does that every time he places a new creation in a rod tube, and sends it to another bamboo aficionado. Schliske’s rods are lively instruments that anglers around the world have found to increase their desire to fish. Come to booth 1326, and see the industry’s up and coming rod-making maestro.

Matt Schliske has created a whirlwind following in the five years he has been making rods commercially. The Internet is abuzz with videos of him, and the Rattlesnake Creek Krew, crafting and stalking fish with bamboo rods. The Krew is comprised of a group of friends who share a love for the challenge of fly-fishing for wild trout and the art of creating exceptional fly-rods. They are a drink of super oxygenated water in an industry comprised mainly of older, retired men working in basements. No doubt the Rattlesnake Creek Krew will be making angling headlines until they have retired to the mountain streams and lakes that inspired their bamboo fly-rod passion.

Matt leads the eclectic group making and field-testing Schliske Bamboo Fly Rods. The garage-shop of artisans includes his wife, Marguerite, and friends Eric Sullivan, Chip Guthrie and Mark Shamburg. At 35 years old, Matt is the oldest in this Krew of non-conformist rod-makers. While classic rock tunes are the standard in many bamboo shops, on any given night, you may hear Johnny cash sing of “sunday morning coming down” followed by the Descendents rocking out a jab at conformity and the “suburban” lifestyle. Despite the punk beginnings, Schliske’s rods are finished with classic details that any angler will love.

Some unique rod features are: titanium and duronze reel seat hardware, detailed progress reports of each rod being made, and wholesale/pro-pricing. Schliske’s standard rods are original designs influenced by classic makers such as Goodwin Granger, Bill Phillipson and Lyle Dickerson. The salmonid soul in every Schliske bamboo fly rod is the Mojo discriminating anglers seek while a-stream.

Schliske Bamboo Fly Rods carries four standard rod models, as well as offering custom-made rods to customers’ specifications. “We want our rods to be noticed on the stream for sure,” says Matt Schliske. “But, it’s most important that our customers absolutely fall in love with how their rod fishes. I try to combine classic aesthetics along with time-tested methods of craftsmanship in everything we send out.”

The rod models are described below:

Finespot: A rod inspired by the native, fine-spotted, Snake River Cutthroat trout in Wyoming. It is made for the perfect hatch on a special stream that inspires warm memories that last through the winter. This rod is made specifically for casting Green Drake mayfly dries to big, hungry cutthroat, high in the Rocky Mountains.

Rio Grande: Made for casting dry flies, dry & dropper, or streamers on the mighty Rio Grande in southern Colorado, the Rio Grande rod is designed for the big hatches on the river just after runoff when everything is coming alive. This is the do-it-all rod you grab on the way out the door, because it’s rigged-up from fighting trout yesterday.

Slayer: This is a rod with deep Juju. Inspired by the inhospitable, wild waters of Schliske’s favorite stream, Slayer is the rod the Krew grabs for the toughest conditions. Slayer lives up to its name by doing everything an angler needs. The dark, rich mahogany finish is made to turn heads. This rod is reminiscent of the brown-toned rods of the classic makers. Slayer is not a subtle rod; it’s a show-off made to slay trout.

Rattlesnake Creek: New for 2010 is the Rattlesnake Creek rod. This rod defines the Rattlesnake Creek Krew’s experiences fishing for wild trout on the fabled “Rattlesnake Creek.” The dark-colored rod brings out the venom in every angler, enabling him or her to strike pocket water with precision.

Matt Schliske and the Rattlesnake Creek Krew can be reached via the contact information listed above.


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