, Launched


The site, is the brain child of Cameron Mortensen (from Fiberglass Manifesto) and Kevin Powell (Red Dirt Studio). A brief description by the founders follows below…

“The fishy kid site was designed to provide children and families inspiration to be outdoors and on the water. There will also be an educational component to the site as we link up with conservation organizations too.

For our first project/contest we paired up with a stellar list of fly fishing artists and came up with a 30 plus page coloring book which can be downloaded from the site once you’ve registered as a member there. We’ve also paired up with a growing list of gear sponsors who are providing prizes that we’ll use for a coloring contest that will run from August through November. The first week of December we’ll be drawing winners and sending off prizes.”

Bob White, Derek DeYoung, AD Maddox, Kevin Powell, Paul Puckett, Kurt Warner and Mark Yuhina are just some of the contributing artist to the coloring book. Drop by the site and check it out. If you have kids, get them coloring and enter to win some of the great prizes they have lined up.

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