Vintner Offers Premium Program for Fly Businesses


StoneFly Vineyards ( is a Napa Valley winery dedicated to pairing the rich traditions of flyfishing and fine wine making. In addition to serving an outstanding collection of fine wines, a key element of StoneFly’s mission is to be a partner to small businesses and organizations in the flyfishing market.
As such, StoneFly Vineyards has launched a program through which guides, outfitters, equipment manufacturers, retailers and others can send their best customers a bottle of StoneFly Vineyards wine along with a customized thank-you card.
StoneFly’s Chief Fly Fishing Officer (CFFO) Nick Papadopoulos explained: “A nice bottle of wine and a card can go a long way. We developed this program to be of service to our colleagues and friends in the flyfishing business. Everyone is thinking about ways to retain their best customers and strengthen relationships with key partners. This program is a winner for everyone, helping businesses show gratitude to their best customers and partners, providing the recipient an outstanding, personalized gift and allowing us to demonstrate our wines and commitment to the angling community.”
To enroll, submit a short application to StoneFly Vineyards to verify status as a fishing business or organization. Once accepted, the business can order StoneFly Wines at a generous discount and work with the StoneFly team to customize a high-quality greeting card. StoneFly Vineyards then ships the gift package (card included) to the chosen customer or partner.


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