Lateral Line Pioneers New Category in the Outdoor Apparel Market


Technical Year-Round Fishing Clothing System for Striped Bass Anglers

Easton, MD (January 10,2008) – Lateral Line today announced their official launch, pioneering a new category in the Outdoor Apparel market: a Technical Year-Round Fishing Clothing System for Striped Bass Anglers.

“Lateral Line’s fishing clothing is designed for hardcore anglers who demand the best fishing equipment. The last thing you want to worry about is your clothes failing you while casting to monster striped bass feeding on menhaden,” said Brandon White, Chief Angler of Lateral Line.

“We have had to mix and match items from different brands to outfit ourselves with the best clothing for our year-round fishing adventures, we’re changing that.” said Co-Founder, Spencer White.

In addition to the extensive fishing experience of its founders, Lateral Line has a team of seasoned business professionals, ambassadors and industry experts to help develop products. Brian LeGette, Former CEO and Co-Founder of performance outdoor apparel company, 180’s, Inc. serves as their Chief Consumer Specialist. LeGette said, “Brandon and Spencer have built a ‘genuine’ company meticulously focused on providing anglers with high-performance fishing apparel designed to protect anglers against everything Mother Nature can throw at them. Lateral Line understands who our customers really are, “hardcore striped bass anglers who fish year-round”.

Tom McMurray, a leader in the fisheries conservation arena and former Partner at venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, serves as Chief Conversationalist and Finance Specialist. McMurray assists with Lateral Line’s “2% for the Fish” program where Lateral Line commits 2% of top line revenue to fisheries conservation. McMurray said, “Donating 2% of top line revenue shows a very serious commitment to fisheries conservation and is in line with all of our personal beliefs. Through commitments like ours we can make a difference in the declining fish populations.”

Lateral Line is launching in a few select specialty retailers, offers their product to over 44,900 anglers on their online fishing community and on their company website:

About Lateral Line, Inc.
Lateral Line is an angler driven company solely dedicated to creating the best technical year-round fishing clothing system to keep anglers protected and comfortable in all weather conditions. The company was founded in 2005 by Brandon and Spencer White and is headquartered in Easton, MD. We fish. It’s who we are…tm

Contact information:
Brandon White, Chief Angler
email: [email protected]
phone: 410-310-7051


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