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In my editor’s column in the “Green Issue” of Angling Trade (June ’08), I should have said that in some rivers there are now no wild, reproducing rainbow trout.  Obviously, there are rivers where the rainbows are still spawning.  Naturally, I heard a few comments in this regard.  But I also received scant few answers to my core question: Where is the fishing better now than it was 20 years ago?  I’m still looking for some examples for future stories…



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  1. The entire northern third of Georgia is better now than it was 20 years ago. Twenty years ago, trout fishing in Georgia, outside of the Chattooga River, was pretty much a matter of following the stocking truck each week. Now, after 20 years of progressive management and a pro-active position by Trout Unlimited, we have a variety of great trout fishing opportunities. More year round streams, great tailwaters, wild trout streams, catch and release streams, trophy streams and delayed harvest streams. For improving angling opportunities, I don’t think any other state can compare with Georgia and what they have done here at the southernmost end of the Appalachians

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