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  1. No, due to the fact that most reps are coming by with the new product makes it more of a reason to stay home. I also feel that due to the fact that airline fares are going up most shops will wait until next years. I think the show is a great place to find new product and meet new contacts, but I think over all shops will pace out their visits to the show.

  2. We will be attending FFR, as always. We think this is a great opportunity to meet with our dealers, let them know who we are and help them in any way we can. We routinely see dealers that are serious about their businesses and we are serious about working with them to help promote and grow their stores. This is a fantastic opportunity for dealers to get to know the people behind the brand.

  3. Yes, of course it’s a ‘must do’ for anyone in our Industry!
    I’ve been attending Denver and other cities for about 13 yrs.! Where else can you get the first look at new materials and equipment, meet with your existing suppliers/customers and future ones as well in a relaxed, informative and fun way? Coming from a small town in Canada it gives me the opportunity to learn how the Industry is doing generally and what products/areas I should focus on to develop/purchase and market to keep up with the exciting pace of today’s fly fishing market!

  4. Yes, Live Eyewear will once again be attending Fly Fishing Retailer. It is a great way to meet new dealers as well as meet with current dealers to go over new products or product upgrades. FFR is an amazing industry event.

  5. This will be my 21st show. This year I’m only attending one day, but my two managers will be their the entire time. That fact that I won’t be able to take full advantage of the entire show is a fact that I find a little uncomfortable. Although we go to look at product, we spend much of our time working directly with our manufacturers on issues: terms, product delivery, etc trying to fine tune our relationships. Yes reps bring the products by, but they don’t have the power to deal with the issues that really matter to your business.

    Attending this show, if you approach it with the right set gives one a distinct advantage over those who don’t attend. Some retailer complain of the cost. I’ve always left every show knowing energized and in a better situation from a business perspective than when I arrived.

    There is simply no single event that is as important to our business than this show. I’d like to see the show moved into late July or early August. By September, we’ve already allocated a significant portion of our buying dollars. Being earlier would help us make better buying decisions especially with our larger companies.

  6. Moffitt Angling has been in attendance at the show for the past couple years but this will be our first year with a booth. There are simply no other events that put this many retailers and manufacturers in direct contact with each other. We are looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new contacts and finding fly shops to carry our products.

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