Hatch Outdoors Goes Large


Hatch Outdoors president & CEO John Torok just confirmed the release of a new reel by his company. At press time, the reel was still in the demo phases but the company did give us some insight to what we can expect in terms of size and capability. The reel will be roughly 5” in diameter, 1.4” wide and weigh approximately 15 ounces.

“Like our 7 and 9 Plus models, this was designed for both saltwater and Spey use,” said Torok. “The reel will be capable of running 12-16 saltwater lines or for Spey rods 13’ and above in numerous configurations. We’ve spent a lot of time on this reel and listened to input from dealers and anglers alike on what would work best for both applications. We feel we nailed it!”

Torok says the new Hatch reel will incorporate the same multi-disc set up that’s found in in his company’s other models, only bigger—much bigger. “This reel will set the bar for big game reels, and anglers can expect stopping power the likes of which they’ve never seen in a fly reel.”

We’re curious. Those of you who have a chance to check it out, please hit us with your feedback. For more information, see www.hatchoutdoors.com or call 877-634-4343.


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