Is Warmwater the Saving Grace?


Apparently world-traveling television host and mako shark guide Conway Bowman is getting his kicks lately at a red-hot carp fishery on one of the San Diego area lakes.  Now, if this guy gets his adrenaline pilot lit by chasing carp on the fly, it seems anyone can.

So the question is, are you seeing a warmwater revolution starting, and more importantly, is that translating to sales?  Are those bass rods selling, or are they gimmicks to inspire retailers to drink more industry Kool-Aid?  What’s really happening where the rubber meets the road, and the waters run warm?



  1. Great question, but I’d suggest looking at it a bit differently. Instead of asking “are you seeing a warmwater revolution starting” perhaps you should be asking “Are you starting a warm water revolution in your trading area and what are you doing to introduce new products and product categories to your core customers?” It’s hard to believe that we can be talking about a nascent warm water fly fishery when the sport, as practiced in America, was founded on fly fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass. It’s part of our heritage and perhaps one that the industry would do well to welcome back!

    Great job on the latest issue, too!

    Joe C.

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  3. Well, all I have to say in finally. I have been guiding and a rep for over 20 years and all of my vendors over looked the warm water fishery. They always felt there is market there. There is a market there and there has always been one. The industry needs to look outside of the small box of cold water and salt water and see what all the buz has been. Conway welcome aboard. Keep up the discovery!!!

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