YETI Loadout Go Box 30

Brand: Yeti

Price: $249.99

Editor's Choice

When I first saw this thing, I was like what in the world can Yeti offer me with an overpriced Pelican case.  I was pretty doubtful…  In quick order though this thing has proved indispensable.  I’m lucky enough to own a few boats and the Go Box has become just that for use between boats.  I just grab it and go. It’s always got a spare rain jacket, binos, headlamp, sunblock, bug dope, extra phone battery,  spare hemostats, first aid kit, river maps, etc…  The organization in this thing is what makes it shine.  It’s thought out incredibly well and swallows more gear than you think it would. Highly recommended if you’re a neat freak like me.

Cons: Price. But this one’s worth it.