The Right Fly For Even More Fish

Brand: RIO Products

The Right Fly For Even More Fish

RIO Products, manufacturer of world class fly lines, leaders, tippet material and flies, proudly highlight the RIO Signature Fly Selection.

RIO has long been known as a company with a dedicated crew of passionate fly-fishers that spend countless hours on the water and in the lab developing and testing fly lines, leaders and tippet material to ensure that the final product is the best it could possibly be. The RIO team travel the world testing lines in all environments, conditions and for a multitude of species.

This commitment to develop the right fly line for every fish, location and condition extends to RIO’s signature fly program. RIO’s internal team of expert fly tiers and hardcore anglers are masters at creating just the right fly for tricky-to-catch fish – either blending elements from effective fly patterns, or starting from scratch and creating new, exciting, and deadly fish catching patterns.

These flies that are unique to RIO are called RIO’s Signature Flies, and cover a broad range of species and destinations – from bass, to carp, trout, steelhead and salmon, and from Rocky mountain trout waters to Cuban flats, and BC steelhead rivers, RIO has a signature pattern that will give anglers the edge.

Just like our lines, we make our flies with innovative designs, thousands of hours on-the-water research, exceptional attention to detail, and the finest materials. Check them out at your local RIO dealer, or online.