Survive Entry Fly Series

Brand: Umpqua

On the flats the fish are exposed as a result they are skittish, spooky, wary, cautious, and willing to run the other way if they feel threatened. The first step in not blowing your shot is to have the fly enter the water as quietly as possible. The Survive Entry Series of flies is designed so that flies silently slip beneath the surface with a minimal splash versus other flies which can belly flop into the water.

These flies are a complete departure from how most flats flies are designed and constructed. Breaking old traditions of attaching large eyes tied perpendicular behind the eye of the hook. That construction technique creates extra surface area to break through the water. Instead, the Survive Entry Series have a sleek profile, achieved by burying a Tungsten Jig Bomb into the sparsely tied body – so anglers can fish lighter flies which cast better, enter quieter, swim better, and are built exclusively for the technical flats environment that is 30” or less.

Surviving entry means more opportunities at big wary trophies.

-Words and Flies by Umpqua Signature Tyer Captain Dave Chouinard

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