RIO Products Slick Cast

Brand: RIO Products

Price: $119.99

Editor's Choice

I’ve long contended that casting a fancy high-end rod with a bad line is like driving a race car with flat tires.  Moreover, if you want to make that budget rod race like a thoroughbred… well, there is no substitute for a good casting stroke, but a good line can’t hurt. I’ve been testing the new Slick Cast coated lines for a couple months now, though sworn to secrecy until now, and the surface coating of this line is noticeable.  You notice it first when you try to string up the rod, and the line keeps back-slipping through the guides! But once you get everything strung up, you realize it’s a pure shooter.  If you’re into double-hauling and releasing for that last 20 feet of distance—like when you bang hoppers along a bank or want to make quartering-away reach casts at risers on the far shore—you’ll feel it right away.  And it lasts. Lines cost $119, and see for more information. But please, buy them at your local fly shop, especially now. -K.D.