OSG Stealth Pro

Brand: Outcast Sporting Gear

Price: $1269

“The Outcast Sporting Gear (OSG) Stealth Pro is the lightweight boat for destination anglers who are on the water more than 30 days per year and want simplicity, a compact design, and versatile features. No frame to assemble, just inflate and go. The rockered ends can take on big water—moving or still—and the OSG Integrated Gear System (IGS) offers multiple options for seat and gear positioning.

What makes the OSG Stealth Pro special?

No Frame: Without a frame, the OSG Stealth Pro is simple to set up, so you’ll be able to get on the water quickly.

Rockered Ends: The OSG Stealth Pro, with its rockered ends isn’t scared of whitewater or big swells on the lake.”

“Length 8′
Width 57″”
Weight 35 lbs.
Tube Diameter 16.25″”
Valve Type Summit II
Base Fabric Denier 1000 pvc
Material Weight, Oz. per Sq. Yard 23 oz.
AIREcell Material Urethane
Number of Chambers 2
Load Capacity 450 lbs.
Warranty OSG 5 Year Limited Warranty
PAC Oars N/A
Color Gray/Lime”