Mimic Hopper

Brand: Umpqua

2021 Flies / Innovative Proven Signature Patters

This year we have released 47 New Patterns that either float better, sink faster, swim better, move more, or just have that “it” factor to them. From beautiful dry flies like the Fat Angie that can hold up 9 tungsten beads, to our selection of Team USA Euro Nymphs, we continue to drive what’s next in the fly world. Watch the video to see all the new patterns in the round.

Mimic Hopper

Designed by Signature Tyer

Chris Johnson

Not all hoppers are designed to carry the weight of a bead headed nymph behind them. Some hoppers are built to just do a great job of imitating a hopper that has landed in the water. Theis flies ride low and have lots of movement as the hopper works to stay afloat in the water. The Mimic Hopper is a first choice for when fish are tight to the bank sipping hoppers and your standard mule dry just won’t get them to rise. Tie on the Mimic Hopper and free yourself from the nymph.

Sizes available 8-12