Limited Edition HX

Brand: Marryat

Price: $785

Marryat is the European hallmark of rod design and function. The limited edition HX rod is ready for your next angling adventure.

The rectangular matte black finished rod tube is made of aluminum and equipped with a handle to carry up to three rods total to maximize your time on the water. The case has secured latches that open at either end for angler’s convenience.

The rod design is a fast progressive action that is lightweight due to the use of a new nano carbon graphite technology. The rod is meant to dampen quickly and designed for accuracy. With a progressive taper, it allows for an excess of power to be stored in the butt section to make long casts effortless and fight fish with ease. The use of helical construction considerably reduces the effect of the spline and increases presentation accuracy.

The matte brown rod finish is coupled with bronze aluminum components, single foot bronze guides, and a muted green hardwood reel seat for eye-catching details. A gold trout graphic above the grip enhances the overall appearance. The HX is a stand out rod in terms of aesthetics and performance. Additionally, the rod comes with an extra tip to keep you on the water in case you have that “accidental” “moment.

The Marryat HX rod is available in 8’6 4weight along with 9’ 4-6weight, 10’ 2-3 weight, 3-4 weight, 10’ 5-6 weight and a 10’ 3 weight nymph model. It is certainly a rod worth casting and adding to your collection. Contact Willowemoc Creek at [email protected] for more information on becoming a dealer or to learn more about the Marryat products.