Knot Kneedle® Elite

Brand: Master Blaster Angling

Price: $15

Introducing the Knot Kneedle® Elite – The Worlds’ Best & Sleekest 20+ Knot Tying Tool

This patent-pending knot tyer is the world’s most versatile fishing knot tool, significantly reducing knot-tying time! It reduces the frustrations of trying to tie knots with the smallest tippet and fishing lines and ties the most consistently strong knots.

The Knot Kneedle® can tie 20+ Knots all in one and easily attaches to your vest with a The Knot Kneedle® premium Zinger.

This small tool helps:

✔Those with poor eyesight

✔People with arthritis

✔Those who struggle with finger dexterity

✔Beginners love learning advanced knots with the Knot Kneedle®

✔Life-Long Anglers who want the strongest & the most secure, advanced knots QUICKLY!

The new and improved Elite version of the Original Knot Kneedle® has all of the benefits of the original tool, plus:

– Knurling on the neck for increased grip.

– Lighter spring for easier pull back to expose the line grip area. This helps those with weaker hand/grip strength, or due to conditions such as arthritis.

– A wider & deeper nail knot tool for easier and improved knot tying for the nail knot and uni knot.

And, if you drop the Knot Kneedle in the river? There is a 1-year warranty based on honesty, because we know mistakes happen! If you drop your Knot Kneedle, just fill out the form and receive a code for 50% off of your next Knot Kneedle Elite. We believe so much in our honest anglers and our products, that if a Knot Kneedle Elite is lost or dropped, you will receive 50% off of your replacement! Read here for more information about our Honest Angler Warranty, or to submit a claim

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