Headlamp 750

Brand: BioLite

Price: $100

Editor's Choice

This is one of the most feature rich headlamps we’ve ever seen in an incredibly light and small package.  The Biolite 750 is bright, really bright, at 750 lumens max output. It also can go quite dim and even red for those stealthy night fishing missions. It has a rechargeable battery via micro USB and can run for 150 hours on low, 7 hours on high. It also has red LEDs on the back of the battery pack for visibility if needed. It’s superpower though is it’s run “forever setting” which allows you to hook up another external battery via pass-through charging. You could slip this in a fishing vest pocket, backpack, etc. with the included 3 foot USB cable for this purpose. This means you can use your headlamp while simultaneously powering it up all night long.