Fishpond Lanyard

Brand: Angler's Accessories

Price: $49.50

We’re excited to introduce the first ever Fishpond(TM) Lanyard, exclusively from Mountain River Lanyards! This amazing lanyard comes LOADED with four Fishpond accessories: the Beavertail Fly Patch, Brown Trout Floatant Holder, Gunmetal Swivel Retractor, and the Lichen Headgate Tippet Holder. Be the first to own one of the highest quality lanyards you can find. Cost above is dealer cost.

Angler’s Accessories is now entering its 30th anniversary in business in the fly-fishing industry. We have been proud to serve businesses both big and small for decades!

In that same time frame, we have made several additions to our line of “Stream-side Gadgets”. First, we moved from Boulder to Centennial, CO. We have also purchased or added many lines to our catalog of businesses. And soon we’ll have our new online ordering portal up and running!

Please see our exclusive line of products!

  • Mountain River Lanyards (Lanyards and Tippet Holders)
  • Angling Designs (Quick Seines and Handi Measures)
  • Mill Stream Foam (Boat Patches, Fly Box Refills, Clip on Foam Patches, and Strike Indicators)
  • The US Distribution rights to Musclin Line/Fly Dressing and all its other products.

We are proud to serve both big and small. Please look at our entire line of products and feel free to reach out with all questions!

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