El Jefe Packable Fly Rod Combo

Brand: Pescador on the Fly

Price: $399

Editor's Choice

You don’t see many five-piece travel rods these days.  Personally, I think that’s a shame, because I am  a purveyor of anything that makes fishing travel easier.  Some will contend that the more pieces a rod is made with, the worse it casts.  But that’s not the case with the Pescador on the Fly El Jefe  Packable Fly Rod Combo ($399, pescadoronthefly.com). This is a SIX piece rod and reel combo that breaks down to a mere 22 inches, comes with a fully loaded reel and casts beautifully.  I threw dainty dry flies with it for a day and had a wide grin on my face the whole time. It’s priced right, and worth a look.