Danger Muffin

Brand: Umpqua

2021 Flies / Innovative Proven Signature Patters

This year we have released 47 New Patterns that either float better, sink faster, swim better, move more, or just have that “it” factor to them. From beautiful dry flies like the Fat Angie that can hold up 9 tungsten beads, to our selection of Team USA Euro Nymphs, we continue to drive what’s next in the fly world. Watch the video to see all the new patterns in the round.

Danger Muffin

Designed By Signature Tyer

Doug McKnight

Going back eight years ago, I got invited by a good friend and client to Guanaja, Honduras for a weeklong DIY saltwater trip and sat down to tie some permit flies for the trip. I had talked with a bunch of people that had been down there to fish and researched all kinds of crab photos. With all of the standard stuff set and began to play around with a more imitative Reef Crab imitation. This was the answer there and over the past few years, we have had this fly do very well everywhere, Bahamas, Belize, Mexico, even made some in roads with a handful of Florida Keys guides. When Pat Cohen came out with the lazer cut claws over a year ago- I played around with a few and thought they looked like a great fit. After fishing with them, I am convinced they work even better.

Size Available: 02-06

Colors: Sandy Olive / Ghost Tan / Muffin Gold-Brown (pictured)