Cross Current Insurance – Protect your Passion

Brand: Cross Current Insurance

Cross Current Insurance Group’s motto is Protect Your Passion and is the founding principle that our company is built on. Your job is to protect your business, your clients, your families, and your employees, and our job is to protect your assets, livelihood, and businesses, so that no matter what the world throws at you, your insurance broker has your back.

For many of us in the fishing industry, our passions and our livelihood are completely intertwined, and we offer the following types of coverage to protect you around the clock:

• Guide/Outfitter Liability in all 50 states

• Business Insurance
Retail & E-tailers
Lodges & Camps
Non-Profits and Associations
• Employee Benefits
• 6-Pack Charter & Pleasure Boats

Since we opened our doors in 2018, our client list has grown to almost 100 professional guides, manufacturers, retail shops, lodges, industry associations, and charter boat captains across 32 states. We believe this growth is because of our philosophy of ‘doing well by doing good’. Each year, our clients ‘cast their vote’ for which non-profit organization will receive a portion of our revenue. We didn’t want to box ourselves in with a fixed % so that the more we grow, the more we can give back. Our staff is made up of anglers with backgrounds in manufacturing, guiding, retail, hospitality, and of course insurance, and that collective experience allows us to truly understand the risks your business or guiding operation face, and design an insurance policy around it.

If you’ve had problems with slow responses, denied claims, or unexplainable increases in your insurance premiums lately, we’d love the opportunity to protect your passion and build a partnership together in 2021 and beyond. Head to to get started.