Cheeky Launch Fly Reels

Brand: Cheeky

Price: $229

Editor's Choice

Cheeky spent almost two years developing their newest reel and it shows.  I’ve been personally fishing the Launch 350 (line weigh 5-6) for about six weeks now and for the money it’s very nice.  The first thing I noticed about it, which isn’t advertised by Cheeky, is how buttery smooth the drag and reeling is. I normally like a little click, but this thing is deadly silent feels good on fish takes and reeling too.  Combine that with a new line like RIO’s Elite series and you’ll be very happy striping line and hooking big fish all day. The startup inertia is silky smooth and the reel is quite light in the hand at just 4.9 oz.  The arbor is dang big and can get fish in quick with less reel rotations than normal for a reel of this size.  It’s light and while I haven’t beaten the crap out of it I did take a couple of decent falls on it the other day straight onto rocks and for such a light reel it held up fine. At $239 for the 5-6 weight the Launch is a good deal if you ask me.

Cons: None that I can find thus far…


Rev Carbon Drag System

  • MAX Arbor (3.50” diameter)
  • Retrieve up to 11” of line per revolution
  • Lightweight design (4.9 oz)
  • Integrated, torque-dispersing reel foot
  • Silent Retrieve
  • Fully machined high-grade aluminum
  • B2 Backing Channel for extra line capacity
  • Quick change spool and simple L/R retrieve conversion
  • Reel case included
  • Fly Line Backing Spool does not include rigging service
  • Free shipping