Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout Line

Brand: Scientific Anglers

Price: $99.95

Small creek trout anglers are a breed all their own. They will brave clouds of mosquitoes and black flies, slosh through swamps and alder thickets, all in search of a 12-inch “trophy”. These intrepid explorers finally have a line designed specifically for their unique requirements. The Amplitude Creek Trout line combines all aspects of Scientific Anglers industry-leading technology into a line for the small-stream angler.

This versatile, short-head taper is designed to deliver the fly accurately at short to medium range in the tightest spaces. An extended rear taper gives extra mending and line control on the water. The Creek Trout line will turn over weighted nymphs and streamers, but delivers dries gently with a long leader.

The AST Plus additive provides superior shooting ability and increased durability. Built a full line size heavy for quick-loading, the Creek Trout line has all the features found in every SA Amplitude Smooth line. Available in sizes WF2F to WF6F.