150th Anniversary Hardy Lightweight Reel Giveaway

Flyfishingjobs.com is trying to gather important information about how online shopping behaviors have evolved in the last few years since the pandemic. We know users spend a lot more time on their phones and computers researching and evaluating product offerings, but we don’t have a ton of visibility around where this is happening online and for what classes of products. We’d love to find out a little more from our loyal subscribers.

Everyone who fills out our Fly-fishing Survey will be entered to win a 150th Anniversary Hardy “Princess” Reel, valued @ $499 USD. We’ll gather emails during the survey, and if you happen to win through a random selection, we’ll reach to set up address delivery etc. The survey giveaway will begin at 12:00 am (midnight) Mountain Standard time on 2/01/23 and end at 11:59 pm Mountain Standard time on 3/01/23.

Anyone looking for more detailed contest rules/info can find them here.

A little more about the Hardy reel…

150th Anniversary Hardy Lightweight Reel (“Princess,” 5-6 weight)

“When we looked through Hardy’s history to find the best tackle to commemorate our 150th anniversary, it was quickly agreed that the Lightweight series in the 1970 edition was the correct choice to reisssue. The full range is being reissued with a nickel silver double screw line guide, raised spindle casing and a collectable leather reel bag. The line guard is marked with an engraved commemorative dating of 1872-2022.”

Thanks again for helping us out and good luck!