Location: U.S. - South, U.S. - North Central, U.S. - Rockies, U.S. - West, U.S. - Northeast, U.S. - South West, U.S. - Alaska
Start Date: June 1, 2023
Apply/Send Resume: [email protected]

We are looking for an individual(s) who is well connected within the fly fishing industry. This job would include reaching out to a variety of businesses within our industry to connect us together.

Our B2B services help a wide range of businesses in the fly fishing industry including media, retailers, fly shops, forums/message boards, e-commerce stores, social brands, manufacturers, etc. Anyone with an established brand and a fly fishing audience who is looking to grow awareness and revenue among their base. Just make the initial connection and help us set up conversations. Our services are free for our Trading Partners.

About Us:
Moneties Trading Partners is a digital marketing agency dedicated to the fly fishing industry. We’re a data driven company with a huge amount of reach and expertise. We help a variety of businesses better monetize their audiences via email by servicing more of their needs. We’ve identified that a lot of businesses within our industry spend loads of money and effort acquiring new customers and their email addresses. What happens next? Our services include providing a fully automated digital marketing solution to provide additional cash flow and brand awareness, with no additional time or resources whatsoever.

How you get paid?
Within your role of ‘Chief of Connections’ you get paid by making the connection which leads to a new Trading Partner for our organization.