DECEIVER X Fluorocarbon

Brand: Umpqua

The Best Presentation for Your Fly / New Innovation in Leader/Tippet

Presentation matters. 

Many would argue that it is the most important aspect of catching tough fish. And, while we can’t stop you from wading into prime holding water or epically botching your reach cast, we can help you match the right leader/tippet to the right fly and situation. We have assembled a completely new and technically advanced offering of leader and tippet to give you an advantage. Our job is to provide confidence in your angling.

Our network of tyers, guides, and family has been putting these materials through the paces. Tarpon in the keys, steelhead on the OP, dry fly eaters on the Henry’s Fork, and pressured wintertime fish on the South Platte have all been brought to hand with these new innovative materials.





Legendary Deceiver Strength and Invisibility

With Best-In-Class knot-strength, abrasion resistance, and ultra-low visibility, Deceiver X is the premium standard in fluorocarbon material. Deceiver X pays tribute to the original & first fluorocarbon tippet brought to fly-fishing 20 years ago, Umpqua Deceiver. Now on a 50-yard spool, Deceiver X also offers the best value in premium FC material.