TroutScout Strike Indicator

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Brand: TroutScout Outfitters

Price: $11.99

The TroutScout Strike Indicator was initially designed with stealth in mind, utilizing natural colorants that mimicked most situational environments. While that remains a vital characteristic of some color offerings, the product clearly offers so much more. First, it's extremely easy to use. With a simple pinch of your fingers, the indicator snaps open revealing a hinge in which the leader or tippet rests. Once snapped shut, the product is securely in place and ready for use. Unlike other offerings, there are not multiple small parts or screw tops that easily fall and float away. You just snap it open, rest your line in the hinge, and snap it shut. It's really that easy. The product also does more than simply indicate when a strike occurs. The shape of the product essentially forces it to "point to your fly" when resting on the water. This allows anglers to know exactly where their fly is located beneath the surface. That can oftentimes mean the difference between a snag and a convincing drift. Lastly, the product does not kink or damage your line. The pressure is enough to hold the product in place, but not so much that the leader or tippet is compromised. Overall, this indicator offers way more than other comparable products on the market.