SwimWell ™ Oxygenated Fish Recovery Spray

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Price: $20

Made for Catch & Release Anglers & Guides, for Fish.

SwimWell ™ by ONEWITHFISH ™ is our proprietary, oxygenated water-based, fish recovery spray. It’s made for anglers & guides to use after the catch, before release to quickly rejuvenate oxygen depleted fish, support slime coat protection, & manage stress to enhance overall well-being. Patent pending.

ONEWITHFISH’s mission is to nurture conservation by creating deeper connections to nature & self.

Catch, Mist, Release™. SwimWell.
Unlock & spray minimally exposed fish prior to release. SwimWell™ can spray continuously, at any angle, 360 degrees.

Ideal for…
– Summer, higher water temps, lower dissolved oxygen
– Guides & heavily pressured fisheries
– Fishing lodges & private-access waters
– Before or after a photograph
– Extended landing time
– Gift for conservation-minded angler

2oz Walking & Wading (35mm x 120mm)
5oz Guides & Boats (45mm x 160mm)