Suimenkara Dual Action Zoom Tenkara Rod

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Brand: Zen Tenkara

Price: $278.00

The Suimenka Tenkara Rod is both a Nymphing Fly Rod and Dry Fly Rod all in one. The first-ever, dual-action tenkara rod comes with 2 different tip sections that change the feel and action of the rod and also change its length. The single piece Nymphing Tip is fast action and makes the rod fishable at 9ft and 11ft. The Dry Fly Tip is comprised of two sections, is whisper delicate and soft. The Dry Fly Tip changes the rod’s fishable lengths to 10’ft and 12ft. Change the tip section/s to change the action AND the rod’s zoomable lengths. The Suimenka Tenkara Rod is a first of it’s kind. It is two rods in one. Add a Zen Performance Tip and achieve a third action and feel. The Suimenka haas a 6:4 flex and FRAE Rating of a 6wt.
One rod, Two tips. Four lengths. Two actions. You decide. Innovations in simplicity. Zen Tenkara
Comes with rod, rod sock, carbon fiber rod travel tube, Dry Fly Tip and Nymphing Tip