Spoon Fly Hooks [SFH20]

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Brand: Sight Cast Fishing Company

Price: $6.99

These hooks are specifically designed for tying spoon flies and are the product of our continued commitment to produce premium fly tying materials designed for the Gulf Coast saltwater angler. The continuous bend of the hook shank is engineered to have the perfect angle for maximum spoon movement and an increased wobble effect. Eliminate the extensive prep work of bending your own hooks and compromising the integrity of its tempered metal. The sizes of the SFH20 hooks were developed to perfectly fit the Spoon Fly Cutouts and offer the fly tyer options to tie multiple spoon fly variations. See the size guide below for more information. For complete illustrated instructions on how to tie a spoon fly, check out the tutorial: https://www.sightcastfishing.com/tutorials/how-to-tie-a-spoon-fly Saltwater Corrosion Resistant Black Nickel Finish Ultra-Sharp Superior Hook Point Quantity: 18 Hooks per Pack (same quantity as 1 pack of Spoon Fly Cutouts) Size Guide: Size #2: Designed to fit “regular” spoon fly shapes. No weighted eyes or extensive tail material tied at the bend of the hook. Size #1: Extra long hook shank, designed for a “Shrimpadillo” spoon fly variation. Provides enough room to tie in weighted eyes, silicone legs, antennae, marabou, rabbit fur, or other larger-sized materials at the bend (or eye) of the hook.