River Quiver Euro Extension Kit

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Brand: Riversmith

Price: $79.99

This XT Kit adds an extra 12 inches in length to your Standard River Quiver. With the Euro Extension in place, your Standard River Quiver will now fit rods up to 11′ 4″ giving you the freedom to explore Euro Nymphing with the most secure fly rod protection, without the added expense of another Rod Holder. Simply separate the two halves of your Standard River Quiver, install the one-foot extrusion extension, then recouple them back together, you’ll quickly be setup to store your longer fly rods. Installation time is under ten minutes and gives you modularity that will suit your needs during any given fishing trip.

It is no secret Euro Nymphing has gained popularity within North America over recent years. We listened to what the market was doing and released our River Quiver Euro model back in 2019. The launch of the extended model was a great success, but there was no modularity for those who already owned a Standard River Quiver. Those fellow anglers who later decided to explore Euro Nymphing were forced to either break down their longer rods or purchase a whole new River Quiver. This was an obvious problem that needed to be solved; thus spawned the idea of the River Quiver Euro Extension Kit.