Low-Profile T-Track Mount

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Brand: Riversmith

Price: $69.99

There is no question T-Track systems are becoming a staple within vehicle roof racks, crossbars, platform racks, etc. We wanted to make sure you can get your River Quiver as low profile as possible to any T-Track roof rack on the market which is why we came up with the LP T-Track Mount. This mount bridges the gap between our T-Track system (top and bottom on the River Quiver) with any T-Track roof rack to ensure your River Quiver is as flush as possible on your rig.

With this mount, expect only an additional 2.5” of height above your crossbar. Certain circumstances may require the River Quiver to be mounted upside down (reels up). If the clearance below the rack does not exceed the reel box depth of 5” where the reel box will sit on your vehicle. This mount also enables you to get creative with how the River Quiver mounts on your vehicle. With overlanding rigs, where space may be tight, this mount will allow you to mount the River Quiver to essentially anything T-Track! The LP Mount is protected with a unique key drive; your River Quiver, rods, and reels are well secured to your vehicle.

Low Profile
Mounts directly to any T-Track System
Easy Install
Secured to roof rack via unique key driver