Lost and Found ID decals

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Brand: Karmik Outdoors

Price: $9.98

Karmik Outdoors exists to provide outdoorsmen and women with a reliable method of preventing the loss of outdoor recreation gear.

Losing stuff sucks. By affixing our extremely durable decals to your outdoor gear it ensures your gear is easily identifiable and returnable if lost. Each decal is unique with an ID that is specific to that decal/person/item. Once registered, a user can add their contact information and all decals on their account are linked to that contact information. If lost, a finder can simply scan the QR or enter the ID in our website and communication between the finder and owner happens immediately. We even offer a return incentive to the finder!

I bet there isn’t anything like this competing. We are innovative and unique. Our mission is to help anglers and others not lose valuable equipment.