Get to Know Your Native Trout Posters

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Brand: Get to Know Your Native

Price: $25

The “Get to Know Your Native” poster series continues the efforts of the Trout Unlimited Native Trout Workgroup (TU NTWG), the TU community, and other conservation groups to tell the story of our country’s native trout. For example, the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout (YCT) poster raises awareness of the native YCT in their current range of WY, ID, MT, UT, and NV. The content of the poster includes the YCT’s history, biology, habitat needs, threats, current status, and the support needed to maintain healthy and thriving populations throughout their range. In addition, the poster includes a section highlighting recovery efforts of YCT in Yellowstone National Park (YNP). All of the posters in this series intend to complement the efforts of state/local fishery and wildlife offices to educate the public about native trout and the conservation activities that are underway to conserve, protect, and restore these precious national resources. By becoming aware of the impacts on native trout, from both natural and man-made activities, the public will have the knowledge and hopefully the motivation to take action to preserve native trout. The YCT poster is only available for a donation to the Native Trout Restoration Program in Yellowstone National Park.