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Brand: PEUX

Price: $810

The PEUX FULGOR is a semi-automatic reel, so the line retrieving system is insured by a lever mechanism, actionned itself by the hand of the fisherman.
Out of its incredible look, this reel allows a perfect adaptation of the line retrieving, by handling the lever faster or slower.

The PEUX FULGOR can retrieve up to 3m of line in only one retrieving !

This reel is also really convenient to use in very hard and difficult condition (lot of grass, trees, rocks..) because your line will be quiclkly rewind in the spool without any efforts.

Concerning the brake system, it is insured by a powerful micrometric multi-discs drag system, providing to you a really smooth and efficient drag during fishing fight.

A handle can be added on the spool, for fly fishers who like using it during a fight. Declined in four sizes, the PEUX FULGOR will be your perfect partner in every conditions on freshwater fishing.