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Brand: Cigarmband

Price: $45.00

You would think that enjoying a cigar and flyfishing would go hand in hand, but the reality is that instead of complimenting each other they actually end up competing against each other. I searched everywhere for a viable solution to this problem and could not find one, so I invented one. The Cigarmband is a flexible gooseneck with a clip on the end for your cigar. The gooseneck is attached to a molded plastic base that secures to your arm with a comfortable elastic band. The Cigarmgand allows you to keep your cigar within reach, yet out of the way when necessary to attend to other tasks. You can now tie on that size 24 midge without having to peer through cigar smoke, or just comfortably take a break from your cigar while waist deep in a stream. No more struggling with your cigar while trying to land your fish, and no more swearing as you watch your 20 dollar cigar float downstream. I also added a powerful, rechargeable LED light to the clamp so you can see to tie on that last fly at dusk, or light the way as you walk back to the truck.