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Brand: Water Master

Price: $4695.00

The Bruin Two to Three Person Raft is truly the most versatile, maneuverable and safest raft on the market. Qualities that separate the Bruin from other rafts of it’s kind include:

Unbelievable stability due to it’s dimensions and design

The Bruin provides a 1500lb weight capacity and plenty of room for one rower and two anglers

As opposed to the “rocker” design the bullet shaped bow and stern along with very large tubes allow the raft to float very high on the water making it the perfect skinny water boat

The “bullet” design keeps the point of the bow and stern out of the water while allowing the center of the tube to maintain contact, taking advantage of the buoyancy, and improving maneuverability and stability

More contact on the bow and stern allows the Bruin to track more effectively in moving water

High volume self-bailing floor allows the water to go out as quickly as it comes in for increased safety

Our NEW Floor suspension system keeps the floor fixed in the highest position to reduce drag and keep you dry all day. No standing in water.

The drop stitch floor is flat and rock hard making it very easy to stand on and move around

Can be set up in a variety of ways depending on what you need it for, from family of four leisure raft to serious fishing vessel for one rower and two anglers

Can be used with an electric or gas motor with the addition of the motor mount

All seams are thermal welded using our UV resistant, 1100 denier PVC, a signature of Water Master rafts for over 25 years

Our rafts last a very long time

Over 25 years of experience servicing our rafts and providing the best customer service

We can build them so we can fix them

Lifetime warranty on the raft