All Purpose Tenkara Floating Line

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Brand: Zen Tenkara

Price: $35

A unique proprietary All-Purpose ultra lightweight Tenkara Line that also floatings. Designed for ease, efficiency and performance, the lines have a welded connection loop, an 8 inch section of high-vis orange indicator line, a tippet ring for straight tippet tie-on, and a small welded loop for easy loop-to-loop connects of leaders or tippet. The color coded tag end on the connection loop quickly and easily identifies the line’s length.
Casts easy, lays out smooth, has minimal memory, is dense enough to cast through wind, and has minimal stretch for fast and solid hook sets.
Produced in the USA. Available in six lengths for all fishing scenarios: 7ft, 11ft, 12.5ft, 15ft, 18ft, 22ft