Where does the “angling conscience” stand these days?


One of the hottest stories TROUT magazine ran online last year asked the loaded question if we, anglers amount to a conservation challenge.

There’s no denying that those of us who work in the fly-fishing world are the front lines for the world’s cold rivers. We’re the stewards. We’re the watchdogs. We’re the hope for the future.

We’re also the pressure.

It’s something we need to talk about, together.  In that spirit, the theme of the spring issue of TROUT magazine—the national publication of Trout Unlimited—is going to be “Conscience.”

If you want to support that… get involved with story ideas… weigh in with a comment… and/or be seen as an entity that supports the ethos in fly fishing, here’s your chance to do so.


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  1. Instagram and smartphones have created a conservation catastrophe. Grip and grins are off the charts with people taking pictures of every single fish they catch. Keep them wet seems to be a foreign concept to many. Take the pledge to Keep Them Wet. I was once someone, who although didn’t take pictures of every fish, took too many out of the water for the grip & grin shot. Reforming your ways is very liberating.

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