Counting Down to International Fly Tackle Dealer 2022… Five Reasons Why Angling Trade is Looking Forward to the Trade Show


The International Fly Tackle Dealer trade show is now weeks away (March 30-April 1 in Salt Lake City) and we are looking forward to being there.

Reason 1: is that we’ve missed seeing many of you, and it will be good to get the “family” back together.  We’re “Zoomed out” and know better now that there is no substitute for real in-person, face-to-face time.

Reason 2: In talking with AFFTA’s Lucas Bissett we also sense a real focus on issues that will not only shape the future of AFFTA, but also fly fishing in a broader context. “We are going to drill down on the sustainable growth of the business of fly fishing,” said Bissett. Issues like supply chain, public access, protecting resources, managing angling pressure, reaching out to a broader, more diverse, younger demographic, and broadening the focus beyond trout are all going to be on the table. If you want to have a say, you should be there.

Reason 3: A strong seminar lineup, featuring valuable topics, with credible experts. From expanding the customer base, to managing social media and more, here’s a chance to interact with peers and get into the nuts and bolt of getting stuff done.

Reason 4: We’re going to lift ourselves out from under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sure, we saw more people who found water as a result of that, now what? What can the new normal look like? The show will comply with all safeguards and regulations, of course, but in that context, we’re going to point toward new beginnings.

Reason 5: We’re going to make stories.  Not only on product, which we expect a lot of, but also people, and ideas, and topics that will move your businesses forward.

If you can’t be there, Angling Trade will have you covered with regular updates from the show. But we’d sure like to shake your hands again.  It’s been way too long.

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