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Karmik Outdoors honored by OIA

Innovative idea leads to Outdoor Retailer Innovation award…

Karmik Outdoors is one of those companies that you read about, slap your hand on your forehead and say, “why didn’t I think of that?”  Karmik is basically a sticker company that reunites folks with their lost outdoor gear. Kinda like nature’s lost and found desk…  “It’s a simple process: purchase decals, register them, affix them to your gear, and head out for your adventures,”  “If you lose the item, whoever finds it can scan the QR code and you increase the likelihood of getting your gear back.” The company offers a small reward too and you can personally attach whatever type of additional reward you’d like to each individual piece of gear you label.

From Karmik:

Last week Karmik Outdoors went up against 157 other outdoor companies and products to compete for the 4th annual Innovation Award. They were crowned the victor in the electronics category.

From Outdoor Retailer, “The finalists were rated for their unique and cutting-edge attributes. Judges looked at each product and service based on four criteria: Spark: concept, design, appeal; Desire: opportunity, differentiation; Function: innovation, functionality, insight; and Impact: cultural, environmental, business.”

Spark- There is a problem that needs to be solved in outdoor recreation… lost and found. Karmik Outdoors provides an economical solution to that problem with decals designed with outdoor adventure in mind.

Desire- Currently, outdoor folk use a sharpie, or worse, nothing at all. Battery powered GPS, Bluetooth trackers are not a viable solution for many outdoor items. Karmik is the mid-tech solution to the lost and found scenario.

Function- Using technology to solve a problem is used in every industry, yet the outdoors seemed to be behind the curve adopting technology. Karmik provides users with a simple and easy to use interface when registering, returning and viewing their outdoor gear. It also keeps personal information safe and secure.

 Impact- Karmik’s mission statement is to connect people with their gear and to one another. They seek to strengthen the bonds within outdoor communities. People want to do the right thing, Karmik gives people the opportunity.


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